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Friday, 31 August 2012

Night Life In Islamabad.

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       Prostitution Meaning:
         "A female prostitute who can be hired by telephone".

In Capital:
Now a days it is very famous thing all around Pakistan and specially in its capital Islamabad. I have witnessed many of these cases by my own eyes.

Once I was standing at the line of C.N.G (Compressed Natural GAS) station of P.S.O (Pakistan State Oil) pump F-6 Islamabad near Islamabad press club. There is a ground opposite to it and that ground is being used for prostitution. The girls are being sold their daily. What i saw while standing in the line a girl with full make up and dressed good standing their on the footpath and an old lady standing back in the dark in bushes in companying her . Suddenly a white car stopped near that girl and the women beside her came forward and talked to the man who was nearly 48 or 49.The man handed over some cash to the old lady and the girl stepped forward and sat into his car and the moved forward. Another girl stepped forward and the old lady again stood back in dark. This is what is happening around in our environment and in the country which is based on Islamic Laws, Rules and Regulations.

Every one of us know that prostitution is very famous around Islamabad. Many of our leaders have been caught in Brothel houses in Islamabad. When the Police raided, Abdul Qayyum Khan Jatoi, the minister of defense production of Pakistan & Ex-district MNA of Muzzafagarh was also arrested in this raid. Many ministers, parliamentarians, bureaucrats, top businessmen and bigwigs of Islamabad were the regular customers and patrons of this sex club of Islamabad. When police raided the brothel house it arrested many naked men and women dancing dipped in liquor telling the stories of enlightened moderation. These arrested top shots included a MNA from Muzzaffargarh and a diplomat of a friendly country. 

This is what's going around us, we the residents are not shameful and we don't have guts to stop this thing. Actually we the residents are involved in this Sinful thing.

Laws According To Islam and Constitution of Pakistan About Prostitution :

- Contitution of Pakistan:Promotion of Social Justice and Eradication of Social Evils
The State shall take necessary steps for prosecution of social justice and eradication of social evils and shall prevent prostitution,gambling and taking of injurious drugs,printing,publication,circulation and display of obscene literature and advertisements.

- According To Islam and Holy Teachings:

Prostitution is Haram. It's obvious that, also when someone does not desire chastity, it's haram to help him or push him to do a forbidden act. But the ayah was talking about an even more atrocious sin, when a master forces his slave/maid to prostitution, while the slave does not want to do this sin.

The Ayah was revealed, wAllahu A'alam, when Abdullah ibn Ubay ibn Salool (a kaafir master of Kuraish) was forcing one of his maids, her name was Mu'adheh ( معاذة ), but she was refusing because she entered in Islam. So she went to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) to complain about that, and the ayah was revealed then.
[At tahrir wat-tanweer, Muhamed Al Taher Ibn Aashoor]

So After Reading all this I think so you people will take a step forward against this Sinful thing .

Written By : Jamal Saeed Awan

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  1. Good work Jamal.

  2. Allah will destroy this country if it does not come to its senses.
    Today, Pakistan is on top of the list for highest sex traffic on internet.

  3. Thank You all ... and i wrote it , Because i witnessed it :)

  4. hmmm. yar tum ny masla hee hal kar dia. address ka shukriaya.

  5. really nice effort,may Allah bless all of us with the strength to fight against such sinister minded people.....we as muslims should take step against such sinful acts.

  6. the article is good but i am sorry to tell the law of pakistan is not islamic law you can confirm it from any lawyer. There are shariah court but the main laws and regulation which are followed in pakistan are not islamic..

  7. Well written bro!

  8. V hav to b blue funk about this situation, where v r going? Is it our destination? No way!
    Not only MNA's, burocrafts and othr govt. Officals : the strenght, hands and pillars of our pakistan, the students doing same way. I'm also a student. I've done fsc last year and now doing I've been seen many of my age fellows going for that. It became the trend and fashion in all over the pakistan. Rules are there to stop this but alas! only for poor people. Why they do so? Just only for sexual frustrain..
    Media can play very significant role to awaring about this by conducting semenars.. At least our students awake.. V hav to do such work to buggered that difficulties off..
    May ALLAH PAK born leader like IMAM HUMAINI among us to stop this devastating apprhensions..

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      @Jamal Saeed raised a good point, All Think about that and Stop Sh***ing around

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  25. Jamal see the response fitna will increase as judgement day comes closer may allah save us all
    Shafi here

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